Live Action Showreel


Running Time: 3:09 min.

Matte Painting / Live Action

Live Action Show Reel: Selected shots with break-downs of my contribution to the shot.  Shots include: Alice Through The Looking Glass, G-force, Spider-Man 3, and others.


Feature Animation Showreel


Running Time: 2:07 min.

Matte Painting / Feature Animation

Matte Painting break-downs of selected shots from How To Train Your Dragon 2, Surf's Up, and Shrek.




Texture Painting


Running Time: 0:54 min.

Matte Painting / Feature Animation

Lead Characters and Digital Doubles for Feature Film and Animation, including G-Force, Spider-Man 3, Superman Returns, The Polar Express.




Beowulf: From Concept to Matte Paint


Running Time: 1:14 min.

Concept Work / Matte Painting

Created the sky concept paintings and roughed-in the general mood and feeling for the sequence of the film Beowulf.  After the concept was approved by the Director, I followed through with the final matte painting used in the film.